Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City

About Us

 Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City is dedicated, experienced, and well-equipped to help you with any wildlife-related problems you have in your home! As a part of an international franchise system, Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City are experts in getting rid of pests like snakes, rats, bats, possums, and more! We offer quality and effective service to our customers while making sure that we use the most humane ways of getting rid of pests in your home.

We guarantee to give you the best service in helping you with your wildlife-related problems. We ensure the following:

  • Quality and effective service
  • Use of proper traps and tools
  • Well-educated and experienced technicians
  • Friendly and great customer service
  • Use of humane methods in getting rid of pests
  • Complete materials and tools for repairs
  • Extensively trained employees for professional home repairs
  • A loan in partnership with SuperMoney with reasonable rates
  • Trained to clean up and decontaminate
  • Written work estimate and work guarantee

Wildlife X Team is the best in the industry and one of the top leading pest control companies! Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City are well-equipped and trained personnel that will get the job done as quickly as possible. We use multiple techniques and proper traps on particular animals to ensure we get rid of the pests.

Wildlife Control

When dealing with wildlife inside the house, we access all the parts of your home and identify entry points. From the basement to the top of your roof, we guarantee that we are one step ahead with the pest that you’re having issues dealing with. We ensure that we practice humane methods in getting rid of the nuisance animal. Using poison-free traps and exclusion methods is what we do and it is proven to be more effective compared to lethal means.

Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City also provides solutions to prevent future infestations inside your home! After removing the pest, you need to take measures to prevent them from coming back in. Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City offers preventive measures like sealing vents, installing caps, and addressing foundation holes. Live exclusion is proven to be an effective method to get rid of pests compared to other methods and it’s the humane way to deal with them.

Waste Removal

 After we’ve determined their entry points, we will cover all of the possible entry and exit points with sturdy materials to keep animals out of your home. When inspecting attics and basements, we will make sure to clean up feces, bits of pieces of gnawed materials, and biohazards. We will thoroughly clean and decontaminate the area to eliminate any contaminants that are suspended in the air.

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    Damage Repairs

    Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City is trained to repair any damage in your home caused by pests! We will repair damaged walls, chimneys, basements, and attics. You will not have to worry about repairs, Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City has you covered! To replace roof tiles, fix foundation vents, and remove or replace insulation, we have the experience and training to provide the best service for our clients!

    Insulation Replacement

    Thanks to unwanted guests like squirrels, raccoons, rats, snakes, and birds, the insulation of your home will wear off and it will repel the heat causing the temperature and energy conservation to suffer. Not only will the ineffective insulation make your home less energy-efficient, but air quality will also drop drastically inside your home leaving your health at stake!

    Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City will get to work and replace your ineffective insulation in the attic to an energy-efficient one. We will make sure to have it done neatly and as soon as possible.

    We can work with almost all insurance companies to replace insulation as soon as possible! Having it replaced with a great quality insulation will help you save money in the long run.


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    Services Offered

    Wildlife X Team prides itself on being one of the best wildlife control companies. It leads the way for developing the best technologies, services, education, and products for all things wildlife management! Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City services include:

    1. Wildlife control and removal
    1. Animal damage repair
    1. Wildlife exclusion
    • Caulking and foaming
    • Vent guards
    • Chimney caps and screening
    • Fences
    1. Sanitation and waste removal

    Service Areas

    Wildlife X team Oklahoma City is prepared to help in multiple counties in Oklahoma City and some areas in Oklahoma. If you’re having pest-related problems, feel free to contact us in the following areas: Oklahoma City, Germantown, Collierville, Cordova, Bartlett, Lakeland, Arlington, Eads, Southaven, Olive Branch.