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Attic and Crawl Space restoration

 Due to the weather that the state of Oklahoma experiences, wildlife migration is prevalent and many of these animals often favor staying in manmade structures. So it’s no surprise if some animals came into your property and made themselves at home! When they enter your home, animals like to hang out in the dark and undisturbed places like basements and attics.

They create nesting areas in your home that make you and your family vulnerable to various fatal diseases! Not only can they transmit multiple diseases, but they will also cause significant damages in your home like gnawing on electrical wires, PVC pipes, insulation, and much more.

Attic clean-up services

 Attic remediation or clean up price depends on the area that is needed to be cleaned. How much fecal waste needs to be removed, and how much insulation is needed to be removed are other factors that determine the cost of service. In general, the cost will be calculated per square foot when removing insulation, sanitation, and replacing insulation. The price per square foot can range from $4.00-$6.00 for full restoration.

When there is a spot that an animal has infested, prices can range up to $500 depending on how complex the infestation is. As the weather changes, wildlife is in constant motion in searching for a favorable spot. Raccoons, squirrels, rats, and possums usually cause the most damage because they chew on everything! While bats and birds disperse most of the waste in the attic.

Clean-up process

 The attic clean-up consists of processes to ensure that it is sanitized and safe from any biohazards.

 Here is the following process:

  1. Cleaning and removing all damaged fragments
  2. Removing soiled or damaged insulation
  3. Sanitizing the area
  4. Deodorizing the attic to get rid of the pungent smell
  5. Placing new insulation

Insurance coverage for an attic clean-up

Depending on the homeowner’s insurance, the policy may cover the remediation of insulation when animals have caused damage in the process of their burrowing. Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City can work with most insurance companies! When you have any cleaning up needed in the attic, make sure to contact us for immediate help.

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