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Insulation Removal and Replacement

Having great insulation in your home is important especially in extreme weather conditions. However, there are multiple factors that can cause the insulation to wear off its effectiveness. A pest infestation, water leakage, or natural disasters are some of these factors. The insulation of your home is at risk and it is just a matter of time before it needs to be replaced.

Here are tips to remove and replace insulation from your home:

 Gather the materials

 Before you begin, make sure that you have everything so that you can work more efficiently. Having complete protective gear is crucial to ensure your safety. Long sleeves, pants, gloves, goggles, and a respirator will do the trick, and be sure that you wear them all when doing the task.

Also, don’t forget to bring a lot of garbage bags for disposing of your old insulation and bring your trusty vacuum.

Clear the area

 To ensure the safety of your health clean up any molds, feces, and decomposing bodies of pests. Do not proceed with the task when you’re not sure that your area is clear of possible hazards.

Examine your insulation

 Insulations come in many types and variations! It is best to make sure to identify what type of insulation your home had. If your home or property is constructed in the 1930s to 1950s, it may contain a mineral called asbestos. There are test kits where you can determine if your insulation contains asbestos but if you’re still unsure, it is best to leave it to professionals.

Remove old insulation

 Removing insulation varies to what area of the house that you’re replacing and what type of insulation that area is using. Most of the removal process requires an extra set of hands so don’t be shy about asking for help from your friends or family!

Replace the old insulation

After removing the old insulation, you can now replace it with the insulation of your choice. There are many types of insulation to choose from so make sure to pick what’s best for your home. Work from the parameter of your door to avoid trampling on your newly installed insulation. Measure the length to cover up all the areas where the insulation is needed. Then lastly, determine the R-value or the level to resist conductive heat flow.

Why leave it to the professionals?

 Overall, doing all of this work will require a lot of your precious time and resources! Though it may seem that you’ve done a great job, it’s uncertain that you’ve done the job right. This is where Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City comes into play. With the proper tools and experience, we will get the job done as quickly as possible.

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    Why Attic Insulation is So Critical

    Everyone likes to keep their house bills down as much as they possibly can. Some bills are unavoidable and it is not much you can do to avoid certain expenses. They are just a requirement of owning and maintaining a home. Your electric bill includes both your heating and air conditioning. A home without insulation will likely have an electric bill that is significantly higher than a home that installs and maintains its insulation well. Why does insulation keep your heating and AC bill down and why is it so important for the environment of your home?

    Insulation keeps the air that you pay to circulate your house inside your home. Without insulation, the air that you are paying to heat or cool during various times of the year will escape easier through the walls and roof of your home. The temperature of the air inside of your home is generally kept at a temperature that is close to the opposite of the temperature outside of the home. When the air outside is cold, we heat and circulate warm air throughout our homes. When the air outside is hot, we circulate cool air through our homes. The air inside of your home tries to escape because it wants to reach equilibrium with the air outside of your home. The hot air inside wants to equal the cool temperature outside and the cool air inside wants to be the same as the hot temperature outside. This is why insulation is necessary. It keeps whatever temperature air you have inside of your home from doing what it naturally and scientifically wants to do, which is leave the home and join the opposite temperature air that is outside of the home.

    This is why insulation is so critical in maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for your home. Without it, the temperature inside your home can more closely resemble whatever temperature is outside. In extreme weather, this can be unsafe and extremely uncomfortable. 

    Insulation is normally able to stay put and only needs to be replaced when it is damaged or getting extremely old. However, if wildlife has made its way into your home recently, you might need to replace your insulation much sooner than you normally would. 

    When wildlife makes its way into your attic or basement, it can damage many important or foundational areas of your home. Wildlife can leave all sorts of unattractive remnants behind. Feces, urine, food, trash, or nesting materials are all items and remnants that are typically found inside the attic or basement of a home after wildlife has been removed and the home is assessed for damage and sanitation.

    After animals are trapped and removed from the premises, your home will need to be assessed for damage, sanitation, and repairs. These assessments can be completed on your own, but having a professional come and complete them along with the removal of the animals can help ensure that every base is covered and every item or task that needs to be repaired or replaced is properly completed. Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City knows where to look and what to look for when assessing parts of a home that were recently inhabited by animals. We can help guide you through what needs to be done for sanitation and repair.

    Insulation is often an area of the home that is significantly damaged by the feces or urine of whatever animal or group of animals that was inhabiting your attic or basement. Both for your health and the sake of your home’s environment, immediately replacing the insulation is vital. The insulation could have remnants or bacteria that were left behind by the animal and their feces or urine. Some bacteria or diseases from animal feces or urine can be spread through the air and affect the lungs of the people living within the home.

    If you have had foundational parts of your home or the insulation in your attic or basement has been damaged by wildlife that made its way indoors, Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City can assist you in the decision-making process that comes with reparations and replacements. We know items typically need to be replaced or repaired in a home and can guide you through the process of your animal removal and repair. 

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