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Exclusion and Repairs

Your home is the only place that you can rest and enjoy yourself after a hard day’s work! A cup of hot coffee and putting on a movie just to rest is the best thing to end your day. Though it may sound great, if you have unwanted guests in your home, it will just spoil your day.

Raccoons, bats, skunks, rats, and possums are some of the pests that can either cause significant damage to your home or can infect you and your family with various diseases that can potentially be fatal if not treated quickly!

They can be a pain to deal with while they enjoy the free food and shelter. Luckily, it is proven that live exclusion and repairing damaged sections of your home is the most effective method in getting rid of them compared to others and Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City is here to help!

Carrying Out Exclusion and Repairs

Using reliable materials

Before getting started, we make sure to use the best quality materials for repairs. Cutting back on reliable materials could end up costing more in the end because you’ll have to replace and repair it frequently.

Frail materials can be easily damaged by the wildlife getting inside your home. Also, we make sure to use the proper tools like ladders, sturdy screws, nails, metal flashing, and steel screens.

Search for holes and damaged sections of your home

We will need to find all the possible entry points before starting repairs. This is necessary to ensure the exclusion method is effective and to prevent any future intrusions. We take our time to inspect your home to see if there are damaged portions that can be a possible entry. Once we’ve seen and marked them, we can start repairing them.

Blocking entry points in walls and basements

Entry points vary to the animal that we’re dealing with. If the damage or the hole is just minor, a filler should do the trick while if it’s bigger, the proper and necessary repairs will be made.

Damage to the attic and roof

Damaged attics and roofs are the easiest way for wildlife to gain access to your home. Bats and squirrels are some animals that can go through it because of their tiny size but it can be bigger animals like raccoons that can leave a bigger hole.

We always follow the general method in repairing attics and roofs by replacing the tiles and supporting materials that need to be replaced by sturdier ones. If the vent is the entry point, we simply cover it with metal mesh. We make sure to cover it from both sides and if the vent is damaged, we replace it with a sturdy metal mesh.

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    Damaged walls

     Walls are essential to the strength and integrity of your home. So dealing with a damaged wall can be tricky and will need expert help. If we’re dealing with small holes, patching it up by metal patching or a sealant will do the job. A bigger hole will require us to cut a smaller portion of the wall and replace it. Then we will put a drywall compound to reinforce your wall.

    Damaged chimneys

     The most common entryway of pests is the chimney. The top of the chimney where the chimney cap is, is the most common part damaged by animals. We can replace it with a stainless steel cap that is proven to be tough compared to other caps. We make sure to install it so that it joins the masonry so that there are no gaps that the animals can enter through.

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