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Bird Control

Watching birds float around the sky is one of nature’s most fascinating sights. However, when you have birds roosting on your house or property, you begin to realize they’re not as adorable as they seem from afar.

Many bird species like feral pigeons, house sparrows, common starlings, crows, and gulls are classified as pests because of the havoc they can wreak.

Birds sometimes pick up residence in buildings and they roost in places like beams, attics, warehouses, parking garages, and more. Residential buildings, as well as industrial buildings, in the Oklahoma City area, are commonly disturbed by some of these pest birds. Here are some of the damages they can cause:

Diminishing the structural integrity of a building

The feces of birds are known to be corrosive, which accelerates rust when it comes in contact with metallic surfaces. Woodpeckers, in particular, are known to directly damage wooden structures.

Pollution & health risks

Having bird feces all around a property is unhygienic. In industrial plants, it can contaminate raw materials. Furthermore, birds are known to transmit over 60 diseases to humans through their feces, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis.

Crop theft

Birds also steal agricultural produce. If you have a garden at home, they will eat your fruits before you get a chance to do so.

We understand the frustration birds can cause and that’s why Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City is here to help you out.

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Bird Control Methods

Because many birds are protected by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, bird control methods are restricted to the following means.

Bird netting

Netting acts as a natural barrier that humanely excludes birds from specific areas like gardens and canopies. If effectively implemented, it can provide protection against bird roosting all year.

Bird spikes

These are pointed metallic or plastic structures installed on specific areas to create a no-landing zone for birds. They are most suited for narrow surfaces like signage, security cameras, windows, ledges, and light posts.

Shock tracks

Shock tracks deliver a mild electric shock any time a bird lands on an unwanted surface. The mild discomfort felt forces it to immediately leave. This can help prevent birds from roosting in an unwanted area.

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    Natural predators of birds include cats, owls, and larger birds of prey. Having a cat around can help reduce their number. Also, having plastic decoys of these predators can help keep birds at bay. However, their position has to be regularly changed so that birds don’t get acclimatized to it.

    Avicide poison

    Avicides are a type of poison specifically used to target pest birds like sparrows, starlings, and pigeons. Because they are lethal, their use is highly restricted. Make sure to check with your local wildlife authority before poisoning birds.


    Bird trapping is subject to federal laws and is restricted to pest bird species. Adequate trapping requires an adept understanding of bird behavior. At Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City, we can help you safely, legally, and effectively catch and remove nuisance pigeons and some other species from your property.

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    Once the bird problem has been solved, then the infected spaces must be properly cleaned. This involves the removal of droppings, feathers, roosting materials, and other wastes. The areas must then be decontaminated to destroy all organic matter.

    At Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City, we can help you develop an effective bird control strategy that will eliminate your bird problem once and for all. If you live in the Oklahoma City area, contact us today!

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    Damages Birds Can Cause in Your Attic

    Of all of the nuisance wildlife that could get into your attic, birds are not that bad, right? Wrong! As it turns out birds can actually be very destructive, and they can potentially cause serious damage when they get into your attic. It is very important to remove the birds as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn more about the damages birds can cause in your attic.

    Insulation Damage

    One of the seemingly harmless, yet highly destructive problems that birds cause is insulation damage. When birds begin making nests once they are in your attic, they will often use a lot of insulation. In addition, the droppings the birds leave everywhere can also begin to ruin your insulation’s insulative properties. Since insulation is vital to homes, this damage that birds cause can be costing you large sums of money in increased energy bills in the long run. Not to mention, the droppings the birds leave everywhere will stain the insulation and make it smell, potentially spreading bad odors around your home.


    One serious problem that birds cause while in attics is the potential for rapid corrosion. Bird droppings are highly corrosive, and while this does not seem like that big of a problem in some homes, in others it really can be. Since this corrosive material will cause the metal to rust and corrode at a rapid pace, it can eventually cause a serious weakening of the structural strength of metals. At best, this could just mean a piece of non-load-bearing metal eventually gives away. At worst, a portion of the roof of a home or building could collapse, costing a lot of money to repair, and possibly even harming people. Corrosion is especially serious in commercial buildings or in any public works, as these have the potential to harm dozens of people at once, with no advance warning at all. 

    Fire Hazard

    While birds live in attics, they can even cause the potential for fire hazards to occur. Oftentimes, birds will set their nest up in the warmest place they can find. Often, this will be very close to the nearest HVAC duct or vent. This might not seem like a big deal, but nests are highly flammable. If the HVAC system heats up a lot for some reason, it could ignite a more flammable material in the nest. This could cause a fire in the attic which would lead to a whole home or building burning to the ground. The fire hazards of birds are pretty severe in many circumstances, so it pays to take care of bird problems. 


    While woodpeckers are unique creatures, this also causes them to be highly destructive, as far as bird species go. Woodpeckers are often found ramming their beak into wooden structures in search of food, or sometimes, even shelter. This carving of holes might not seem like a big deal, but it can be very serious. First off, the carving of holes can weaken wooden structures, which is especially serious if they are load-bearing. Once there are holes in wood, the smallest amount of moisture could cause them to begin rotting, which could eventually lead to a total collapse of the entire wooden structure. This is a serious reason, and it should be dealt with by removing the birds as soon as possible. 

    Why hire Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City?

    Here at Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City, we have years of experience in dealing with bird problems in attics, as well as bird problems virtually anywhere. Whether you need someone to perform wildlife removal services, or you are looking for decontamination, wildlife exclusion, or animal damage repairs, we have you covered. If you have a nuisance wildlife problem of any kind, be sure to give us a call at Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City today, as we would love to help you out!